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Electrolysis Techniques
Is the only form of permanent hair removal recognized by the American Medical Association.
There are THREE MODALITIES that can be used to eliminate unwanted hair and all three are effective.
Which is the oldest, is a chemical method that utilizes a direct current to convert normal body salt and water in the follicle into a compound capable of destroying the dermal papilla. The chemical is produced only in the follicle and does not affect any other area. One probe or several probes working simultaneously can be used during the process.
Is a method that uses a high frequency current to produce heat in the area influenced by the current. This heat cauterizes and destroys the dermal papilla. One sterile probe is used during this process. Two variations of Thermolysis are "Flash" or "Automatic" Thermolysis which uses a split second impulse or current and "Manual" Thermolysis which requires several seconds at a lower intensity to achieve permanency.
Combines both currents together in the same probe. Thermolysis enhances the action of the galvanic method to produce a faster process. Your electrologist will select the best method for you based on your hair type, skin characteristics and sensitivity. His/her choice will assure you of the greatest maximum comfort and permanency for your hair problem.
15 min. $40
30 min. $50
45 min. $60
1 hour $70
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