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What Areas Of The Body Can Be Treated?
Hair can be removed from almost any part of the body. Some common areas for women include the hairline, eyebrows, top of the nose, cheeks, sideburn area, upper and lower lip, chin, throat, neck, shoulders, back, chest, breasts, abdomen, arms, legs, bikini line, hands, feet, toes, and fingers. Men often have hair removed from the hairline, beard line, shoulders, back, neck, ears, and nose. Electrolysis is very helpful for treating ingrown hairs, which frequently cause irritation in the beard area.
What Areas Should Not Have Hair Removed By An Electrologist?
A physicians approval is necessary before an Electrologist can remove hair from a mole or a birthmark. Hair located in the nasal passages and the inner-ear should never, by any means, be removed by electrolysis!
Is Electrology Uncomfortable?
It is impossible to destroy hair growth tissue without sensation because each hair follicle is surrounded by its own network of nerve endings. The sensation, which may be felt, is assurance that destructive activity is taking place. Even though some parts of the body are more sensitive than others, adjustments can be made which helps to make the treatment more comfortable.
Is Electrolysis Safe?
Electrolysis has a 120 year history of safety and effectiveness. I am not aware of one case of significant disease being caused or transmitted because of electrolysis. We utilize the most up to date, effective methods of sterilization, disinfection. And antisepsis, and following guidelines set up by a major electrolysis organization in conjunction with the CDC ( Center For Disease Control)
Is Electrolysis Permanent?
Electrolysis has been shown to be permanent for over a century of use. Its permanency has been well recognized by knowledgeable physicians and is also testified to by hundreds of scientific articles published in medical literature. In addition to scientific recognition there are over one million happy and satisfied persons who have solved a very personal and embarrassing problem with the help of electrolysis.
Are Other Methods Of Hair Removal As Effective As Electrolysis?
No. There is absolutely no reputable scientific evidence that shows any other method of hair removal being as safe, effective and permanent as electrolysis
Are The Needles/Probes sterilized by the Electrologist?
The AEA, in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control, has developed national standards for sterilization of electrology instruments. Your electrologist will be happy to discuss the sterilization process she uses with you when you visit.
How Many Treatments?
An electrologist cannot specify how many treatments will be necessary for permanency since every client is unique. There are several factors which contribute to the length of the treatments: the type and extent of hair growth, client tolerance, skin type and frequency of treatments. The electrologist should be able to answer this question more clearly after a review of your case history.
Does The Frequency Of Treatments Have Bearing On Success?
The more frequent the treatment, the better the results! Regrowth is most vulnerable when it first reappears. If the hair is not immediately treated, the hair will rebuild its strength and negate the effectiveness of the initial treatment. Therefore, it is very important for a client to participate in a planned program of electrolysis.
Is Work Noticeable After Treatment?
Immediately following a treatment there is normally a nominal amount of redness and swelling. It disappears only after a short time. An electrologist will give you instructions for appropriate aftercare which should allow you to continue with your usual activities.
Is The Cost Effective?
The over-all benefits received from permanency outweighs the cost. Regained self-assurance and individual confidence along with other psychological benefits can mean a new life for you. Continuous use of temporary methods over a period of many years will cost you more in dollars, time and embarrassment. Permanency means forever, and something which lasts forever means an investment. What better investment in one's self than a lifetime of freedom from unwanted hair.

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